Our Mission

Culture City emphasized two crucial notions to be prominent in the competitive global world order.

1- Human (Time): The notion of a human is critically significant for urbanism. Our job is supporting and organizing projects which include all kind of people live in a city with their culture, education, the access and use technology, their efforts to live and manage differences, moral values, their perspectives of happiness and efforts to be happy as well.

 2- City (Space): Cities consist of spaces that enable them to exist. These spaces can sometimes be an alley, a district, a neighborhood or just all by itself. The vision, planning, architecture, aesthetic and culture have impacts on an urban scene. People in a city, in a district, in a neighborhood can be identified with a clean environment, better housing, better educational opportunities (from kindergarten to higher education) and cultural fields. At this juncture, our job is supporting and organizing projects to create better urban spaces and more livable cities.


You can support the new generations.