Culture City from Our Perspective


People have been affected by the competitive environment of globalization which leads them to develop ways to cope with it in today’s world. Urbanization is one of the ways to survive from the competitiveness of globalization. Undoubtedly, the notion of urbanization could not refer to a system provides purely absolute benefit, considering the struggle for existence in the globalizing world. Otherwise, it would be a more homogenous and optimistic understanding of urbanization. Thereby, urbanization project, made up of gathering efforts of surviving through global competition, has carried trouble if the problems are not properly managed.

At this point, the concept of human is defined within the framework of time and space and became the subject who has the most important role in the formation and transformation processes of the cities. Therefore, to be ahead of the global competition, notions of human and city have needed to be elaborated in detail and successfully managed.

That is why; Culture City Foundation aims to provide a contribution to create more a livable city and to alter the fate of existence in a global competition to be the best of the global competitor.   

You can support the new generations.