About Us

What is Culture City Foundation?

The city is a venue that allows people to live together and a social structure where people have developed ideas of coexistence and common life awareness. Each and every city has its own vision, culture, features, and psyche that throw together its inhabitants to build a common future. 
Taking into account all of these, Culture City Foundation is a non-profit organization, produces various projects to make the city more livable.    

What for Culture City Foundation?

Our foundation tackles social and cultural necessities of people, as well as their other problems, in the context of history and conscious of Istanbul, and implements and supports projects to increase the level of awareness and the welfare of the citizens.
Our foundation aims to provide and to consolidate an easy adaptation of both individuals and communities into to the city and the urban life. Correspondingly, our foundation performs our works in terms of 

●    Supporting art, culture and artists, carrying businesses in the fields of culture, art, education and scientific research, and contributing to raising awareness of arts and culture,
●    Promoting our arts and culture to the world, making Istanbul the capital of culture in the world, and contributing social development,
●    Planning and designing projects in the related fields to the urban life such as science, technology, architecture, education and cultural activities in collaboration with the local authorities,
●    Organization of educational activities by contributing to promote and to implementing good examples of their kind.
What does Culture City Foundation do?

Culture City Foundation designs and implements social responsibility projects, in addition to, carry out various festivals, artistic, educational and cultural activities.

When Culture City Foundation commences?  

Culture City Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 2009 in order to make the city more livable for people through supporting and implementing projects in Istanbul.

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